Monday, November 12, 2007

A Day in the Life of the Rewarded

I had a great day yesterday. I flew to Columbus, Ohio. That's not why it was great.

I flew United. Got a first class upgrade and got to bypass the scary long security line and go in the "special" frequent flyer line.

When I arrived I got to bypass the scary long AVIS rental line and go directly to the "Preferred" area where my name appeared in lights on a big reader board telling me where my car waited - clean and ready to go.

When I checked into the Marriott my name AGAIN appeared (not in lights but in a framed welcome sign) because that visit signified my obtaining GOLD status (stayed 50 nights this year with them).

I went shopping last night at the local mall to stock up on AVEDA products. I was told that I also hit a milestone with my points. I get a free day at the spa!

Love all day long. Why? Because the people I do business with track my business, and thank me constantly for it.

What have you done for YOUR frequent flyers lately?

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