Monday, June 18, 2007

AVIS sort of gets it.

Recently AVIS informed me that I am now "AVIS First" which entitles me to complimentary upgrades (when available) and a FREE MP3 jack. Just simply ask for it (the letter said) the next time you're at an AVIS rental counter.

So I did. Last week I was in Tucson (for about the 8th time in the past 8 months) and when I went to the counter, asked if I could have my complimetary MP3 jack. The poor girl just rolled her eyes as if this is like the 4,000th time she'd been asked that question. "We don't have them here." she informed me. "Our office is too small. You'll have to go to a BIG rental location to get it."

Wow. What if I never go to big rental locations? What if I only go to smaller towns (which, BTW, Tucson is not that small). Wouldn't it have been easier if they had just MAILED me the thing? It couldn't weigh an ounce.

Later that same week I found myself in the Orlando Airport at the AVIS Counter. I asked the girl if I could have my complimentary MP3 jack. She mechanically reached in a drawer, grabbed one and slapped it on the counter. Didn't say a word.

The car she rented me was too old to have the line in for the jack. I wasn't feeling the love.

But hey -- AVIS tried harder. Right? Just not sure at what.....