Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Loyalty for Sale.

Times are tough. This economy has rocked our world and will continue to for some time. So people start to panic and look for ways to make money. And sometimes those ways are stupid.

I am a loyal United Airlines flyer. I fly over 100K miles a year. Domestic. Last week I found myself in a middle seat on a 6-hour flight from Washington DC to Portland, Oregon. It wasn't because I booked my ticket at the last minute or went stand-by. It was because of a new policy United put in place - to make more money.

Beside me sat a rookie flyer complaining about the 50 bucks she paid to get 5 more inches of room. She was a large woman and apparently didn't read that the extra 5 pertained to "leg room" not "seat room."

United Faux Pas

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